Air and material hoses - standard lengths or yard good for individual conversion


Breathing air hoses, cpl. assembled


SATA safety compressed air supply hose 10mm

SATA air hose, blue, 9mm


Mounted Hoses


SATA air hose 9 mm

with quick coupling and nipple

SATA air hose 6 mm

with quick coupling and nipple

SATA air hose 13 mm

for SATA vario top spray, multi top and boiler


Air hoses for design spray guns


PVC compressed air hose

with mini quick coupling and thread nipple

SATA connection hose 6 mm

with coupling for main hose

Fibre-coated hose, cpl. 2.5 m

for SATAgraph


Hose pairs for pressure pots and SATA vario top spray


Hose pairs 9 x 9 mm

for paint pressure tanks and SATA vario top spray

SATA protective sleeve

Protective coating for hose pair

SATA double hose clamp

for hose pairs 9 x 9 mm inside diameter PVC

Pack of 10 hose clamps

for air hose 9 mm

Hose pairs

for industrial paints and glue


Hose pairs for SATA  paint pressure tanks and SATAminijet 1000 K


SATA hose pairs 6x6mm

for SATAminijet 1000 K


Hoses, hose pairs for maximum pressure


Spray Mix dual hose


Hose pairs for release agent system


SATA hose pair 4x6mm

for release agent spray gun SATAminijet 3000 B T


Air hose unmounted


Air hose blue, unmounted

6, 10 and 15 meter


Material hoses unmounted


Material hoses unmounted


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