Dan-Am is an independent company acting as
exclusive authorized importer for SATA in the United States

The Company



SATA sets the standard

...for paint spray guns, compressed air filters and worker health protection.

The close cooperation with painters from various trades and industry as well as research and development departments and application technicians from the leading paint manufacturers allows SATA to produce superior products of the highest quality.

“SATA Quality” is a firm conviction for any painter: reliability, durability and ergonomics of their SATA products are not something to be questioned.
Together with capable distributors in Germany and abroad, SATA assures customer service worthy of being called that.
In Germany and many other countries SATA is a leading spray gun manufacturer.
The success is an obligation to SATA. SATA employees and distribution network will always do their best to ensure painting will remain plain fun. 

  • Number of employees: 250
  • Annual turnover: 70 million Euros
  • Export share: over 70 %
  • Quality Assurance System: ISO 9001:2008


Independent exclusive distributor for SATA products in the USA and Puerto Rico.
A history of the distributor
In 1976 the Jorgensen family emigrated from Denmark to the United States. Having considerable experience in the automotive refinish trade, Mr. Hans Jorgensen and his two sons Knud and Bent, embarked in an antique auto restoration business. After becoming established, the Jorgensen’s started an import business they named Dan-Am Co. Several new products were tested on the market. Two of these products were a sprayable polyester body filler and a German spray gun to apply the product. Most every body shop within a 50-mile radius heard about these products through their local body shop association and wanted to try them. In a short time the entire SATA line was being marketed. The rest is history!

Dan-Am Co. began distribution of the SATA product line in 1980. From the beginning, the company set high goals with a focus on quality and service while developing a marketing strategy for long term growth. The high quality and performance of the SATA product line coupled with the requirements of modern paint technology have led to unprecedented success. Not only is SATA distributed to the automotive refinish market, it serves the industrial and woodworking trades as well. Eventually Dan-Am’s expanding customer base made it necessary to move to larger quarters. A new modern 20,000 square foot facility was constructed and Dan-Am moved to their new location in August of 1997.

During the early eighties, the SATA trade name was relatively unknown to body shops in the U.S. Meanwhile, new paint systems were being introduced in the European market. These new basecoat/clearcoat systems required technical improvements to spray guns to achieve improved atomization and performance. The gravity spray gun that had been pioneered and produced by SATA since 1927 proved to be the answer.

The eighties brought many other technological changes and Dan-Am was ready to meet the challenge. The downdraft spray booth came into widespread use. At the same time, the new paint technology required cleaner air and the use of supplied air respirators. However, the most significant change involved a new type of spray application technology - the HVLP gun.

In those early years the introduction of innovative new products like HVLP and supplied air respirators were a tough sell. Painters and shop owners were reluctant to accept the new technology. But in the end the professional recognized that gravity guns and updated equipment made sense. Particularly with the introduction of new paint systems and HVLP mandates.

Dan-Am has continuously cultivated and nurtured an effective liaison between SATA, the paint manufacturers, the Dan-Am sales team and the marketplace. Dan-Am takes pride in distributing the best spray equipment money can buy along with its commitment to customer satisfaction and service.



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