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Practice Report on the SATAjet 4000 B

Since its launch at the Automechanika in Frankfurt in September last year, the new spray gun generation SATAjet 4000 B has been enjoying ever increasing popularity. The following testimonials from enthused customers are living proofs of the versatility of the SATAjet 4000 B, illustrating which relevant factors and improvements are primarily influencing painters in their daily work routines. SATA wish to thank all participants for sharing their interesting experiences with us.


Werner Fuggis

Master painter and instructor at the vocational school in Mosbach, Germany

Being a teacher at the vocational school in Mosbach, Germany who has been working with loads of young apprentices as well as professionals throughout many years, he considers the SATAjet 4000 B with its even finer atomisation a real innovation! "From the very first moment, you notice that this gun is much quieter and features even better ergonomics than its predecessor", says Werner Fuggis.

Having to stand the daily test of usage in a paintshop environment, easy cleaning and low maintenance are as important though as the final result. In this respect, the SATAjet 4000 B scores with its short air cap thread and the new fluid tip sealing.

Both teachers and students in Mosbach alike also love the fast round/flat spray control.

On top of that, to retrofit non-digital spray guns with the SATA adam 2 has proved an ideal solution for their daily practice: Allowing the exact and reproducible adjustment of the spray pressure, it can be easily removed for cleaning as well as for being shared on several different spray guns.

Martin Schelhas

Master painter at Brixner "Body and Paint" GmbH in Ilsfeld, Germany

Professional painter Martin Schelhas employs the SATAjet 4000 B RP for high quality paint jobs of commercial vehicles. He is of the opinion that the SATAjet 4000 series is the most innovative product which SATA has launched over the last years. Being completely convinced of this gun, he even managed to switch a colleague to SATA who had been using spray guns from another brand for years.

Bodyshop Brixner uses spray guns with integrated DIGITAL display as well as standard versions with retrofit SATA adam 2. For Martin Schelhas, both versions are perfect to control the spray pressure during painting, while being perfectly balanced guns at the same time. In his work, Martin Shelhas has also clearly noticed the improved ergonomics and the reduced noise level. For base and clear coat, a 1.2 nozzle set-up is used to achieve finest atomisation - for larger surfaces being coated with HS/UHS materials, a 1.3 nozzle set-up is used instead to realise the required high application speed.

In his final verdict, he describes the spray fan as "simply phenomenal!"

Michael Paul

Master painter at "Autobody Centre" Wilfried Wille in Lahr, Germany

Like with older models, professional painter Michael Paul very much appreciates the uncompromising reliabilty and easy cleaning of his SATAjet 4000 B.

Especially in this respect, he sees significant improvements in the SATAjet 4000 spray gun series with the new fluid tip sealing and its extremely short air cap thread.

Its low weight and optimised ergonomics have convinced him quite as much as the fine atomisation which he considers of particular importance for the sensitive application of base coats.

"The digital pressure indication, either integrated in the gun handle or with the SATA adam 2, is an absolute "must" for me to achieve perfect colour match!"

Claudio Mauceri

Master painter at Reustle GmbH in Loechgau, Germany

For Claudio Mauceri, who could act as a role model for correct gun maintenance and care, there are several essential influencing factors when deciding for a spray gun.

What he likes best about his two SATAjet 4000 B RP spray guns which he prefers using both for his base and his clear coat applications now is the large, yet wet spray fan with its even and fine atomisation.

The significantly lower noise development in comparison to older gun models and competition is also very positively rated by him. The low inlet pressure of only 2.2 bar (32 psi) considerably reduces overspray and helps achieve a uniform paint distribution.

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