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Compressed air - the driving force for paint atomization  

... but also the cause of bad paint jobs.

100% technically clean air is the basis to ensure flawless tool function.

To ensure perfect finishes, compressed air for spray guns must meet the following criteria 

must be available at the air connection of the delivery hose to the compressed air tool. In case one of the above criteria is not fulfilled finish problems may occur that a dissatisfied customer will not be willing to pay for. 

Compressed air is also required for material delivery in pressure tanks or pumps, gun washers and other air tools. In this case, the same criteria apply the same as with paint atomization. 

Problems affect the paint job with dust, water and silicone (fish eyes) and shorten the function and lifetime of pumps and pneumatic tools. Have your compressed air quality checked. Find more detailed information in the Product Service section. With the 0/400 modular filter series, we offer a solution according to your requirements and support you by providing the best solution.

The enclosed Troubleshooting Chart is a simple aid to detect problems and their causes and provide corresponding remedies to provide finishes the customer will be happy to pay for.

Air leaks are very expensive

Even small, permanent leaks cause considerable cost because compressed air is continuously leaking while the unit is under pressure. With a 1 mm hole diameter at 190 psi, that leads to an annual cost of about $1000.00 when operating the system for 24 hours.

Slightly increased air consumption of about 3.5 cfm from an HVLP spray gun for example only leads to an extra cost of about .02 - .05 cents for a partial coating.

Troubleshooting Chart

Coarse surface finishes, ...

... Orange peel, color matching problems and mottling.


Coarse surface structure during coating ...

... changes in color shades and / or mottling.


Silicone and oil ...

... or condensation on the coating causing adhesion problems etc.


Particles in paint finish, ...

… what leads to expensive rework


Condensation / oil separation...

... despite the use of modern compressors. Surface craters caused by considerable condensate / oil separation at the nozzle.


Pressure drop...

... again and again lasting for a certain period of time


Insufficient air volume...

... despite sufficient dimensions and performance of the system, the filters become saturated very rapidly. High condensate concentrations and a lot of particles in the spray air.




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