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Air Filtration

Air Filtration

SATA - Competence in compressed air filter systems

Problem solving for any situation

Lack of adhesion, dust, fish eyes and other problems on coated surfaces are usually the result of problems in the compressed air supply. These mistakes are expensive. They can be avoided with 100% technically clean air. SATA offers the solution with a high quality, durable filter system.


SATA® filter 100 prep™

Double-stage sinter filter/fine filter with pressure regulator outlet (1 x G1/4a)

SATA® filter 101 prep™

Activated charcoal module to retrofit filter 100 prep to filter 103 prep – for preparation areas

SATA® filter 103 prep™

Triple-stage sintered filter/fine filter and activated charcoal filter with Pressure reducerIn most cases, it is just one part of a multi-stage filter unit. It is, however, also available as a stand-alone air pressure regulation unit, SATA filter 420, or for the regulation of the material pressure (see also material pressure regulator).X» and one outlet tap (1 x G ¼ a) - for the preparation area



Oil / water separator with particle filter

For automotive refinish, industrial and on-the-job sites



SATA® filter 414™

Single-stage sinter filter without pressure regulator, with outlet module (2 x G 1/4 a)

SATA filter® 424™

Single-stage sinter filter with pressure regulator and outlet module (2 x G 1/4 a)



Fine Filter

For body shops and any work requiring 100% technically clean compressed air



SATA® filter 434™

Single-stage fine filter without pressure regulator, with outlet module (2 x G 1/4 a)

SATA® filter 444®

Double-stage sinter filter/fine filter with pressure regulator and outlet module (2 x G 1/4 a)



Activated Charcoal Filters

Thorough protection from odors, oil and solvent vapor in breathing air



SATA® filter 464®

Activated charcoal filter module add-on to fine filters

SATA® filter 484®

Triple-stage sinter filter/fine filter/activated charcoal with pressure regulator and outlet module (2 x G 1/4 a)


Discontinued models


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