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HVLP Technology

Extra savings with maximum transfer efficiency and minimum product consumption.



SATAjet® 5000 B HVLP

As versatile as you

The "Super Saver" SATAjet 5000 B HVLP achieves particularly high transfer rates, due to its low pressure technology.

SATAminijet® 4400 B HVLP

Low overspray blending and design gun

"The paint spray gun for small paint jobs and design"


SATAjet® 4000 B HVLP

The Experience in Form and Function

The "Super Saver" SATAjet 4000 B HVLP achieves particularly high transfer efficiency rates, due to its low pressure technology.

SATAjet® 3000 K HVLP

Pressure fed high performance gun - The Super Saver

Perfect for applying large quantities of paint for any job requiring the best finishes like car refinishing or airplane construction.


For carpenters and woodfinishers

Excellent for all regular applications in the woodfinishing industry - in a special wood finish.

SATAjet® 1000 B™ HVLP

Sturdy allround paint spray gun - The Super Saver

Comfortable and sturdy crafts gun with high transfer rates.



SATAjet® 1000 K™ HVLP

Allround paint spray guns for crafts and industry

Optimum work results in all fields of application




SATAminijet® 1000 K HVLP

Die "Kleine" unter den Kesselpistolen

Die Baureihe SATAminijet 1000 K wurde speziell für die Industrielackierung von Kleinteilen unter Serienbedingungen bei kleinen bis mittleren Losgrößen entwickelt.

SATAminijet® 1000 H HVLP

Die "Kleine" unter den Kesselpistolen.

Für die Verarbeitung kleinerer Lackmengen ist die SATAminijet 1000 auch in Hängebechervarianten lieferbar.

SATAjet® 100 B F HVLP

Low overspray gun for primer and filler

The elaboration of the KLC range:  The "SUPER SAVER" paint spray gun reduces polishing work in collision repair to a minimum



Discontinued models


PraxistippsImportant hints for gun cleaning and maintenance


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