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The future of compressed-air driven paint application

No matter which technology you decide for - you can be sure: With a SATA paint spray gun you have obtained a top class product.
Overview of technologies

SATAminijet® 4400 B™ RP

Beispritz- und Designlackierpistole

"Die" Pistole für Spot Repair, Kleinstreparaturen und Designarbeiten.

SATAminijet® 4400 B HVLP

Nebelreduzierte Beispritz- und Designlackierpistole

"Die" Pistole für Spot Repair, Kleinstreparaturen und Designarbeiten.


HVLP Technology

Extra savings with maximum transfer efficiency and minimum product consumption.



SATAjet® 4000 B HVLP

The Experience in Form and Function

The "Super Saver" SATAjet 4000 B HVLP achieves particularly high transfer efficiency rates, due to its low pressure technology.


SATAjet® 3000 K HVLP

Pressure fed high performance gun - The "Super Saver"

Perfect for applying large quantities of paint for any job requiring the best finishes like car refinishing or airplane construction.


SATAjet® 100 B F HVLP

Low overspray gun for primer and filler

The elaboration of the KLC range:  The "SUPER SAVER" paint spray gun reduces polishing work in collision repair to a minimum

SATAminijet® 3000 B HVLP

Low overspray blending and design gun

The perfect gun for Spot Repair, small repair jobs and design work.


RP - 'Reduced Pressure' Technology

The extra fast optimal high pressure technology in compliance with VOC transfer efficiency.



SATAjet® 4000 B RP®

The Experience in Form and Function

The "Super Speed" SATAjet 4000 B RP with its optimised high pressure technology stands for maximum application speed.


SATAjet® 3000 K RP ®

Pressure fed high performance gun - The "Super Fast"

Perfect for applying large quantities of paint for any job requiring the best finishes like car refinishing or airplane construction.




SATAjet® 1000 B™ RP ®

Sturdy allround paint spray gun

Comfortable crafts gun for use with almost all sprayable materials


SATAjet® 1000 K™ RP ®

Allround paint spray guns for crafts and industry

Optimum work results in all fields of application






SATAjet® 1000 H™ RP ®

The siphon cup version

Comes with 1l aluminium siphon cup, and quick cup closure allowing easy refill.


SATAjet® 100 B F™ RP ®

Smooth surfaces from the start

This "Super Fast" primer and filler gun reduces sanding to a minimum in car refinishing


SATA® spray master™ RP ®

The multi-task tool for carpenters and painters

Special system for spraying high viscosity material. Ideal for carpenters coating small surfaces and painters with special application problems.





Conventional Technology

Spray Guns for Special Work.


SATAjet® 100 B P

Special gun for applying polyester filler

Sharply defined fan, fine atomization and low overspray that considerably reduces masking and sanding


SATAjet® B

Reliable legendary high pressure gun for top coating quality

Ideal for topcoats in car refinishing, industrial, wall painting and woodworking trades.






SATAjet® 20 B

Round spray design gun for individual design tasks

Large nozzle range and replaceable air connection allow unimagined flexibility in use.







SATAgraph™ 1

The airbrush gun for beginners  






SATAgraph™ 2

SATA precision airbrush gun

May be used with gravity or siphon cup -  your choice.






SATAgraph™ 3

Premium airbrush gun with external material flow control

Available as gravity flow cup or siphon cup version.







We keep up with the times - and so do our paint spray guns!

In the right column on top of the page you will find a survey of all paint spray guns which have been replaced by a follow-up model. Due to their superior quality, SATA paint spray guns have a long lifetime – we feel constrained to meet these expectations. Nozzle sets, spare parts and technical service for these spray guns are still available.

Should you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us under +49 - 7154 - 811 -0.


Discontinued models


PraxistippsImportant hints for gun cleaning and maintenance


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