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SATA RPS cup system

Simple – No Compromise - Perfect


SATA RPS cup system

The mixing cup for painting, refilling and storing paint

SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the cup system for bodyshops emphasising perfect painting finishes and high efficiency. SATA RPS facilitates the painters’ work, significantly enhances the bodyshops’ productivity and critically reduces the use of cleaning agents and solvents. Learn more about the specific features of SATA RPS and the advantages you will have!

SATA® clean RCS™ - the turbo cleaner

Professional rapid cleaning system

Reliable colour change when using disposable cups or SATA RPS

Pump spray cleaning bottle

For rapid and efficient intermediate cleaning of paint spray guns when using waterborne materials

Spray bottle

For rapid and efficient intermediate paint spray gun cleaning

Flat sieves 125 µm for SATA RPS 0,6 l and 0,9 l

Pack of 100 pieces

Flat sieves 125 µm for SATA RPS 0,3 l

Pack of 60 pieces

Plug-in sieves 200 µm for SATA RPS 0,3 l, 0,6 l and 0,9 l

Pack of 100 pieces

Lid for SATA RPS 0,6 l and 0,9 l

Pack of 80 pieces

Lid for SATA RPS 0,3 l standard

Pack of 90 pieces

Lid for SATA RPS 0,3 l minijet

Pack of 108 pieces

SATA RPS mix lid

with 50 lids for RPS 0.6 l and RPS 0.9 l, (allows stacking of RPS)


RPS Depot

for SATA RPS 0.3 l, 0.6 l and 0.9 l


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