Relaunch: SATA Loyalty App

Relaunch: SATA Loyalty App

Now the SATA Loyalty App is even better and more beautiful! The app, which is available for iOS and Android, has been revised and now offers even more benefits to participants of the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more. Scanning of loyalty QR codes and management of customer data remain unchanged with the app. In addition, there are now new services in the SATA Loyalty Shop and other great benefits.

On 01.07.2021, the time has come and the new SATA Loyalty App will be available to you.
Find out here how the change to the new app works and what the new SATA Loyalty App will offer you:


Here's how the switch works:
During the switch from the previous app to the new SATA Loyalty App, there will be an interruption of 3 days from 27/06/2021, during which scanning of SATA RPS multi-purpose cups will not be possible. Also, accessing your customer account and ordering rewards in the SATA Loyalty Shop will not be possible.

With the update of the app, you will receive the new SATA Loyalty App from 01.07.2021, with which all previous functions and new services will be available to you.

You can download the new SATA Loyalty App here:
Google Play Store
Apple Store

Participants of the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more will be informed about the current status of the SATA Loyalty App via e-mail before and after the interruption.

Tip: Keep the QR codes of the RPS multi-purpose cup boxes or the booklets safe during the interruption of the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more and scan the Loyalty QR codes as soon as you have made the update of the SATA Loyalty App.

This is how the app update works:
To make the switch, you need to update the app on your smartphone. If you are not using automatic app updates, you will need to update the app manually from 01/07/2021. Depending on which system you use, as follows:
Apple - iOS:

  1. Open the App Store on your smartphone.
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Scroll down to the SATA Loyalty app and tap "Update" next to that app.  Alternatively, you can tap "Update All".

Google - Android:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the three-dash "My apps and games" menu.
  3. Select the SATA Loyalty App and tap on "Update".

The new SATA Loyalty App:


The new SATA Loyalty App has a table bar for direct entries. This way, you always have the possibility to access the SATA Loyalty Shop or to switch to News and Services.

The SATA coin account balance is always visible on the top right and on the top left you will find the entry to your account.

Via "Home" you can get back to the start page from anywhere. Also from the scan function, which is still available to you via a central button, at the bottom of the table bar.

New content

Under "Account" in the new SATA Loyalty App, you can manage your profile data, view your orders and change your consents, e.g. subscription to the SATA Newsletter.

Under "Services", in addition to the legal basics, you will also find new content such as competitions, surveys and a contact form that you can use at any time to contact the SATA Loyalty Team directly with questions.

New SATA Loyalty Shop

Click on the "Rewards" link in the table bar to go to the SATA Loyalty Shop. There, select "Filter" in the upper left corner to show the other store categories as well. You can choose from SATA Products, Home & Garden, Electronics, Tools, Vouchers and Sports & Leisure.

Per reward, you will see a red status bar that shows you if you have enough SATA coins to order the reward.

Ordering single rewards

In the order view, select the order quantity and, if necessary, the model or variant of the reward, e.g. nozzle size for a SATA spray gun, and confirm your order.
Beforehand, you can adjust your delivery address via the "Change delivery address" link.

All orders at a glance: The order history

With the new SATA Loyalty App, each reward is ordered individually.

This has the advantage that we can show you the current shipping status for each individual reward under Account/Order History. You can also call up the associated tracking number and tracking link here. This gives you more transparency for your orders. Please note that you will no longer receive an email confirmation!

Further information

SATA Loyalty Promotions

With the new SATA Loyalty App, there are now additional opportunities to collect SATA coins. During certain promotional periods, you have the chance to earn extra coins and other benefits. Here we tell you which promotions are currently on offer in the SATA Loyalty App.


About the programme

Find out how the SATA Loyalty Programme coins & more works, who can participate and what benefits the programme offers to loyal SATA customers.


Do you have questions?

We have the answers to all your questions about switching apps, the new SATA Loyalty App, scanning QR codes or ordering rewards. No matter what it is, you will find the solution to your problem here.