The Company

SATA sets the standard

...for paint spray guns, compressed air filters and worker health protection.

Our close cooperation with painters from various trades and industry as well as our research and development departments with application technicians from the leading paint manufacturers allow us to produce superior products of the highest quality.

“SATA Quality” is a firm conviction for any painter: reliability, durability and ergonomics of their SATA products are not something to be questioned.
Together with our capable distributors in Germany and abroad, we assure customer service worthy of being called that.
In Germany and many other countries SATA is a leading spray gun manufacturer.
Our success is an obligation to us. Our employees and distribution network will always do our best to ensure painting will remain plain fun. 

  • Number of employees: 287 (2018)

  • Annual turnover: 91 million Euros (2018)

  • Export share: 70%

  • Export markets: 100

  • Quality Assurance System: ISOInternational Standards Organization. DIN EN ISO 9001 is a model for quality assurance and quality management documentation in design, development, production, assembly and maintenance.X» 9001:2015