First steps ...

Putting your spray gun in operation

  • Clean compressed air

  • Sufficient air volume

  • Compressed air micrometer

  • Correct adjustment of the Dynamic Inlet PressureThe inlet pressure on the spray gun should always be correctly adjusted. This is particularly easy with the DIGITAL technology of the SATAjet 5000 DIGITAL or with the retrofit SATA adam 2. It is also possible, however, to connect a standard air micrometer with manometer to the gun. Since pressure in combination with the supply of compressed air (air consumption) has a great influence on optimum results, you should always ensure to set the inlet pressure as recommended. You will find information on the correct pressure to be used in the paint application sheet of the paint manufacturers or on the web pages reserved for each individual SATA spray gun.X»-> Gun-Inlet PressureX»

  • Material flow control

  • Fan control adjustment

  • Nozzle set

  • Distance to target

Details concerning these points...