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SATA air warmer / SATA air cooler

Extension of the SATA breathing protection family SATA air vision 5000

Is your breathing air is too cold or too warm? You will now be in the position to change this! With the new, stand-alone SATA air warmer and the SATA air cooler belonging to the SATA air vision 5000 breathing protection family, you will now have the possibility to adapt the breathing air temperature to all your requirements.

Installation and Operation

The SATA air cooler attaches directly to one of the already existing adaptor plates on the SATA air regulator belt and then has to be connected to the SATA air regulator (or SATA air carbon regulator, respectively). In the final step, the breathing protection hood is then connected to the SATA air cooler.

The cooling or heating capacity, respectively, can be manually adjusted in seven convenient steps on the regulation wheel (blue in case of the air cooler, red in case of the air warmer). The temperature can be individually adjusted, depending on the personal preferences and the desired cooling or heating effect. The integrated silencer provides for a reduced sound level and ensures that all legal requirements are fully respected.

Both add-on modules are of robust design, electrically conductive and made of flame-retardant plastic.

The SATA CCSСистема цветовой идентификации SATA предоставляет простой способ маркировки окрасочного пистолета. Например, ваш окрасочный пистолет для красок на водной основе может быть маркирован голубой пластинкой, а пистолет для нанесения покровных лаков - черной. Кроме того, какой-либо определенный цвет может быть закреплен за отдельным маляром.X» (SATA Color Code System) allows the individual identification of the SATA air cooler and the SATA air warmer, as known with all other accessory modules belonging to the SATA air vision 5000 family.

The new add-on components were introduced at the Automechanika 2016 in Frankfurt and will be officially launched to the global markets at the beginning of 2017.

Notice: Available in the course of Q1/2017.