Paint pressure tanks


Material Feed Systems

SATA paint pressure tanks

For all tasks requiring continuous application of substantial material / paint quantities at a steady pressure, SATA paint pressure tanks are the ideal solution. Different tank sizes, ranging from 2 to 100 iters, and variable pressure adjustment allow almost unlimited possibilities. Accessories dedicated to special tasks, such as manual, pneumatic or electric agitators are available.

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SATA mini set 2 liter

Pressure pot for mobile use

To feed material-fed spray guns, for example the SATAjet 3000 K spray gun series

SATA 10-litre Pressure Pot

Cost-effective material feeding system

To feed material-fed spray guns, suitable even for highly viscous media as, for example, high-build glazes.

SATA 24-litre / 48-litrePressure Pot

Pressure pot for highly viscous materials

Special versions with connecting piece on the bottom are available for extremely high-viscous materials.