28.02.12 "Cleanliness pays" - Useful tips concerning spray gun cleaning

A subject which is of special importance to painters: The secrets of correct spray gun cleaning methods. They require regular maintenance and care to ensure correct operation, as with any piece of precision equipment.[more]

28.02.12 The professional system for primer application

The basis for high-quality paint jobs is the primer. If the primer is not applied exactly to the manufacturers instructions with the correct spray gun it may lead to visible structures or colour shade deviations of the paint job...[more]

03.02.12 SATA Spring Sales Promotion - High-tech product giveaway with "XL Power"

SATA begins the new year with a great spring sales campaign: The motto "XL Power" can be taken literally: For a limited period of time, every high performance SATAjet 4000 B spray gun comes with a free of charge high-tech Maglite...[more]

26.01.12 SATA Design Contest Who can design the most appealing unique finish on a SATA spray gun?This is targeted at painting professionals, custom painters, airbrushers and other designers in the world: Who can create the most...[more]

19.12.11 New Login

Dear users, As of now the website login will no longer require your user name, but you may use your registered e-mail address. We regret possible inconveniences, but this step was necessary for safety reasons. Should...[more]

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