03.02.12 SATA Spring Sales Promotion - High-tech product giveaway with "XL Power"

High-tech product giveaway with "XL Power"SATA begins the new year with a great spring sales campaign: The motto "XL Power" can be taken literally: For a limited period of time, every high performance SATAjet 4000 B spray gun...[more]

26.01.12 SATA Design Contest Who can design the most appealing unique finish on a SATA spray gun?This is targeted at painting professionals, custom painters, airbrushers and other designers in the world: Who can create the most...[more]

19.12.11 New Login

Dear users, As of now the website login will no longer require your user name, but you may use your registered e-mail address. We regret possible inconveniences, but this step was necessary for safety reasons. Should...[more]

01.12.11 Practice Tip - Fluttering Spray Fan

Have you ever experienced this? A fluttering spray fan? Or bubbles in the cup while painting? If so, you have to check two possible issues on your spray gun:[more]

15.11.11 Practice Tip - Optimum Gun Maintenance

Every spray gun and every nozzle set is subject to wear over a certain period of time. Besides clogged and damaged nozzle set components, this could lead to deteriorations in the spray pattern. This is very often recognised too...[more]

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