SATAjet® 1000 B HVLP

Universal paint spray gun with high material savings - The "Super Saver"

Ergonomic industry spray gun with high transfer efficiency

Universal paint spray guns for craft and industry

  • Fine atomisation
  • Optimum finish results in all fields of application
  • Robust, long-lasting and easy to clean
  • Extremely flexible spray pressure adjustment
  • Suitable for Waterborne PaintsIt goes without saying that you can apply any waterborne paint with a SATA paint spray gun. There is only one limitation in this respect: Please do not use the same spray guns for the application of solvent-based as well as waterborne paints. We recommend working with two completely separate sets of spray guns, in line with the two separate paint systems.The CCS (Color Code System) which comes with each high-performance spray gun offers a clever solution to assist you in clearly marking your different spray guns. X» and corrosion resistant 
  • Easy clean surface
  • QCCThe patented quick cup change connection Quick Cup Connector (US.Pat. 6,877,677) guarantees that the gravity flow cup can be firmly fixed to the spray gun with a ¼ turn only, thus significantly facilitating cleaning and exchange of the cup. X» quick cup connection for a rapid cup change
  • Compact and lightweight
  • VOCVOC means Volatile Organic Compounds; i.e. organic solvents.These solvents like many other substances trigger the formation of ground level ozone in combination with solar radiation.VOC guidelines established by the European Community (EU) are intended to contribute to reducing solvent emissions. These guidelines will be valid beginning November 1, 2004 for new shops and November 1, 2007 for all companies. Meanwhile, the VOC Guidelines have been incorporated into national law in most EU member states.X»-compliant
  • Maximised material savings due to innovative SATA nozzle system
  • Perfect ergonomics for fatigue-free work