SATAjet® 3000 K spray mix™

Specjalny pistolet wysokociśnieniowy ze wspomagającym rozpylaniem powietrzem

Idealny do pracy z dużymi ilościami materiałów o wysokiej lepkości

  • The particular advantage: Its adjustment possibilities make it comparable to a classic air-atomizing paint spray gun. The spray fan width may be adapted perfectly to the object.
  • Manual paint spray gun for air-assisted Airless units, for highest requirements and longest possible life time
  • Large surface covering capacity, while emitting low overspray and helping to protect the environment
  • Fully suitable for waterborne materials
  • Large nozzle range for ideal adaptation to material and object.


  • Infinitely variable round / flat spray control without pressure fluctuations
  • Paint needle tip and seat made of carbide


  • Inversion nozzle - for easy purging of the nozzle and practical modification of the spray angle