SATA® multi clean™ 2

Enclosed gun washer offering great savings

Cleaning your paint guns should not only be done thoroughly, but also by saving cost and protecting the environment.

  • The closed cleaning system for manual paint spray guns is VOCVOC means Volatile Organic Compounds; i.e. organic solvents.These solvents like many other substances trigger the formation of ground level ozone in combination with solar radiation.VOC guidelines established by the European Community (EU) are intended to contribute to reducing solvent emissions. These guidelines will be valid beginning November 1, 2004 for new shops and November 1, 2007 for all companies. Meanwhile, the VOC Guidelines have been incorporated into national law in most EU member states.X» compliant.

  • Thorough cleaning of all material passages of the paint spray gun

  • Low solvent consumption - only 0.1 liter pure cleaning solvent per gun - due to two separate cleaning solvent containers - one for the washing, and one for the rinsing cycle

  • Cart for easy refilling of the containers i.e. for replacing the cleaning agent

  • Replaceable filter inside the washing container keeps coarse residue from the washing process out of the cleaning fluid containers

  • High performance, durable, low-wear double diaphragm pump assuring long life time of the gun washer

  • Brush with cleaning fluid feed for manual pre-cleaning of gun and cup; a pedal activates the flow of the cleaning fluid towards the brush