SATAjet 5000 B Custom Design Gun

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Design your personal spray gun!

With the Custom Design Gun Configurator, you can design a SATAjet 5000 B according to your individual wishes:

  • Choose between a Standard and Digital version
  • Select the nozzle technology and nozzle size
  • Choose a background colour
  • Place your favourite images on each side
  • Define the colour of the control elements

Design Guidelines

The Custom Design Gun Configurator allows you to place up to five images per side of the spray gun. Please feel free to use our design template (SATAjet X 5500 or SATAjet 5000 B) and design your individual surface yourself in a design tool of your choice and upload the image in the design tool.

Using the Custom Design Gun configurator you can place text fields on your individually designed SATAjet X 5500 or SATAjet 5000 B. Due to the complex geometry of the gun, however, not all areas are equally suitable for placing text fields. When placing the texts, the optimal area will be displayed. Please note this in order to place your texts in such a way that you are fully satisfied with the result. Please be aware that there may be color deviations between the preview presented on-screen and the final product depending on the quality of the screen or resolution selected. There may be large color differences with single-color custom design guns.

Please note that the color will only be applied on the front and back of the gun body. The narrow (inner) side remains raw and in the metallic base color of the gun body. Here are some examples of the appearance of the metallic base color on front and back of the SATAjet X 5500 as well as the SATAjet 5000 B.

Legal Directions

Please note our legal guideline, which can help you design an individual special surface for your SATA spray gun without any legal problems. Many images that are available free of charge on the internet are protected under copyright law.

You alone are responsible for the contents of the images that you upload and use. SATA is not obliged to check images for violations. However, should SATA become aware of potential violations, SATA reserves the right not to produce images suspected of violating the rights of third parties. Please note our additional terms & conditions.

Since this is a product manufactured according to your personal requirements, there is no right of withdrawal from your order.

The return of the Custom Design Gun is excluded.