The gift of the Ox:

Together with the German-Chinese internet star and influencer Afu, SATA has launched a joint campaign in China. In the beginning, Mr. Kruse, the Managing Director of SATA, send Afu on a mission: Afu's job is to make someone in China happy by bringing "more colour" into their everyday life. In the following video, you can find out how Afu succeeded in doing exactly this and who is happy about an extraordinary surprise in the end:

The mission

In order for Afu to successfully approach the SATA Challenge in China, he gets a comprehensive SATA set – consisting of SATA spray guns, other professional equipment and accessories – sent from Germany to Shanghai. There, Afu and his team will redesign an electrically powered tricycle into an extraordinary "SATA mobile". This newly and professionally painted vehicle is then to be given to a Chinese farmer as a gift in order to bring "more colour" into their everyday life and thus give make them happy.

With the support of MAXLINK, SATA's exclusive Chinese partner, the vehicle will be elaborately tuned and repainted at a MAXLINK training center in China. In line with the Chinese Year of the Ox, the new three-wheeled "SATA mobile" will additionally receive an airbrush decoration with stylish red Ox designs.

The final "SATA mobile" is then transported by Afu to a rural area in China. There, it is handed over to a randomly selected farmer who is overwhelmed by the gift and the successful surprise.

Impressions of the campaign

The team is ready to tackle the challenge.

Afu receives a crash course in professional painting.

Perfectly styled, you're ready to go!

The SATAgraph 3 fully under control.

The first results are impressive.

Ready for delivery.

Handover by the Afu team.

The SATA mobile in all its glory.

A new happy owner of the SATA mobile.

Social media key figures Afu

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About Afu

The Chinese Influencer Afu comes from Germany and his real name is Thomas Derksen. He lives and works in China with his wife. Thanks to his humorous and authentic personality, Afu has managed to build up a huge online fan base. Among other things, he is an ambassador for German Culture and is committed to German-Chinese exchange. With videos on culture, food, travel and technology, he has rallied a large German-Chinese community behind him.