SATA Loyalty Program coins & more

SATA Loyalty Program coins & more


Loyalty QR codes in or on SATA products: Scan with the SATA Loyalty App and collect SATA coins


Log in and download the app

Register directly online for the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more. Then download the SATA Loyalty App to your smartphone and start scanning the loyalty QR codes that you can find in or on the package of your SATA product.


How you can scan the Loyalty QR code

On each carton of SATA RPS multi-purpose cups, in SATA nozzle sets and other spare parts, you will find a Loyalty QR code, which you can scan with the SATA Loyalty App to collect SATA coins. We show you here how easy it is to scan the Loyalty QR codes.


Ordering rewards in the app

You can redeem your SATA coins for valuable rewards in the SATA Loyalty Shop, which you will find in the SATA Loyalty App. Choose your favourite reward from more than 500 articles. Find out here how to redeem SATA coins.


SATA Loyalty Promotions

With the SATA Loyalty App there are many ways to collect SATA coins. During certain promotional periods, you have the chance to get extra coins and other benefits. Here we tell you which promotions are currently offered in the SATA Loyalty App.


Do you have questions?

To the FAQ

We have the answers to all your questions about the SATA Loyalty App, scanning QR codes or ordering rewards. No matter what it is, you will find the solution to your problem here.

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Facts and numbers of the SATA Loyalty Program

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Our customers about SATA coins & more

Refinish painter Manuel has already been using the SATA RPS cup system for three years and has meanwhile also subscribed to the SATA coins & more.

For one year now, coachbuilder Tobias has also been using the SATA RPS multi-purpose cups – from day one, a dirty workplace in the painting area has become a thing of the past. Thanks to SATA coins & more, he can now also redeem attractive rewards with the collected coins, thus benefitting twice!

Head painter Marc has been joining SATA coins & more from day one. What he likes best is the fact that he can get great rewards without much effort.

If you do not wish yourself or any of your employees to participate, your company can waive registration and make a general deregistration via SATA, which will exclude all employees of the company from participation. This can be done HERE.