Fields of application

Whether for car refinish, industrial applications, carpentry, painting, yacht and boat building or airbrush & design. With paint spray guns, filter and respirator systems and cups from SATA, you are well prepared for any challenge.

Spray Guns

No matter which model you choose - you can be sure: With a SATA paint spray gun, you have a top-class product in your hand.

Gravity flow cup guns
Pressure fed spray guns
Siphon fed guns
Airbrush guns
Automatic spray guns
Special editions
Accessories for spray guns

Cup Systems

The SATA RPS cup system simplifies your daily work, significantly increases your productivity and drastically reduces the consumption of cleaning agents and solvents. But you are also well equipped with SATA reusable cups.

SATA RPS Multi-Purpose Cup
Gravity flow cup
Suspended cup
SATA Agitator Cup
SATA BVD pressurized cup
Accessories for cup systems

Breathing Protection

SATA breathing protection equipment - whether full face respirator or half mask - provides maximum protection, enhanced lifetime and increased wearer comfort to preserve your health without restricting your mobility, thus ensuring perfect results.

Full hoods respiratory protection
Half masks respiratory protection
Accessories for health protection

Filter Technology

A well-functioning compressed-air system requires a filter unit that can meet the needs of professional painting work. The requirements for air processing differ depending on the application and area of use: SATA has a suitable solution for every case.

SATA filter series 100
SATA filter series 200
SATA filter series 400
SATA filter 500 series
Accessories for filter technology

Additional products

Whether cleaning, colour tone determination, drying or material supply. You can rely on SATA quality in many other fields of work.

Grit blasting equipment
Colour determination
Rustproofing Equipment
Material supply systems
Cleaning Devices
Drying equipment