SATAjet K 1800 spray mix

SATAjet K 1800 spray mix

SATAjet K 1800 spray mix - Ultra-high pressure coating has never been easier

In 2022, SATA introduces the new SATAjet K 1800 spray mix, an innovative new product in the field of ultra-high pressure coating.

With the "spray mix technology", the paint material is applied at ultra-high pressure, creating a pre-formed airless spray fan. Through the air cap, compressed air is fed to this airless spray fan, which helps to shape it and enables an even droplet distribution. The result is a homogeneous material application for highest surface quality.

  • The new lightweight gun in this spray gun class with its well-balanced gun body combines an optimised ergonomic design with a finely-tuned nozzle range and with the innovative clampLock paint needle system:
  • The ergonomic design in combination with the low trigger force of only 24 Nm enables fatigue-free working even during longer coating sessions.
  • Thanks to its low weight, the SATAjet K 1800 spray mix is perfect for continuous and time-intensive coating processes. The innovative, two-part clampLock paint needle system enables an easier maintenance.

The SATAjet K 1800 is an excellent tool for a wide range of applications in various sectors – from the woodworking and automotive industry to machinery, steelwork and also shipbuilding and container construction.

The new SATA spray mix spray gun is perfectly suited for both classic craftmanship as well as for industrial applications, e.g. for the coating of large surfaces and a wide range of components. Thanks to the various adjustment options and the finely tuned nozzle range, it is the perfect choice if it comes to high profitability, high area output and high finishing quality.



  • Ergonomic design with a well-balanced gun body
  • Low spray gun weight
  • Single-axis trigger system for low trigger forces and fatigue-free working
  • Innovative, two-part clampLock paint needle system
  • Material connection system for the sieve or insert filter
  • Material connection 1/4" - 18 NPSM (male thread)
  • Air connection 1/4" (male thread)


Other features

  • Ball-shaped tip of the paint needle for a perfect sealing
  • Pre-nozzle with tungsten carbide insert
  • Paint nozzle with nozzle core made of tungsten carbide
  • High surface quality at a pressure in the range of 50 - 250 bars (725 - 3626 psi)
  • Trigger with integrated trigger lock
  • Round/flat spray control
  • Application of water- and solvent-based paint systems
  • Easy to clean and corrosion-resistant anodised surface
  • Optional swivel joints for air and material connection


The SATAjet K 1800 spray mix is available in three versions and with different nozzle sizes for your individual setup:

  • 1068023 | basic version – material tube, filter and paint nozzle not included
  • 1090076 | with material tube and a short filter (100 msh), paint nozzle not included
  • 1091454 | with material tube and a long filter (100 msh), paint nozzle not included


You can also retrofit a swivel joint for the material connection as bwell as for the air connection. This reduces the twisting of the connected hoses and makes the painting process easier.