SATA vaccination campaign

SATA vaccination campaign

SATA vaccination campaign – SATA stands up against Covid-19.

As of June 7, 2021, the prioritisation for Covid-19 vaccinations has been lifted in Germany. At the time, the demand for vaccination was so strong that it was possible to administer over 800,000 vaccine doses a day by mid-June, but as incidence rates fell, so did the demand for vaccinations and the willingness to be vaccinated. Currently, only about 250,000 doses per day are administered. The current rate of fully vaccinated persons in Germany at the end of August of 2021 amounted to about 60% of the population.

In order to contain the spread of Covid-19 and prevent disruptions in SATA's operations, various preventive measures were taken to protect employees, their families and customers right from the beginning of the pandemic. SATA also encourages its employees to get vaccinated in order to speed up a return to normal life. That’s why, for example, SATA organised vaccination appointments with the company physician as soon as it was possible and also reserved vaccination appointments at a local physician's office for both staff and relatives.

An internal vaccination campaign was also launched in order to motivate even more employees to be vaccinated:

  • Employees who had already been vaccinated offered personal statements as to why they had chosen to be vaccinated. The company screensavers and the monitors in SATA's reception area will be used to display images of employees with their statements.
  • Vaccinated employees will also be given a T-shirt with the printed message "I’m vaccinated. Join us!" as well as textile adhesive labels or badges.

SATA is certain that having their employees vaccinated offers more advantages than disadvantages, and so it hopes to set a good example in all our fight to bring the pandemic to an end.

With that in mind, we wish all our customers, partners and friends that they stay healthy and safe!


I'm vaccinated…

… because I'm tired of the testing routine and I don't want to infect anyone at SATA.

A. Kruse

... because I want to protect our society, and I want to get my freedom back.

I. Wiederkehr

... because I want to protect my family, my friends as well as myself, and I want to be able to travel and meet them for special occasions without any worries.

J. Pfander

... because I'd rather save my defence moves for the football pitch.

J. Stegmüller