Look out for counterfeit products

Look out for counterfeit products

SATA counterfeit products in China

Not so long ago, we noticed two shops on a Chinese trading platform where various counterfeit SATA products were offered for sale. Just as in Germany, trademark infringement in China is a punishable offence that may lead to a prison sentence. After our Chinese investigation firm had identified the operators as well as multiple suppliers of this online shop, we filed a request with the Chinese police that these counterfeit products should be seized from the dealers.

Over the course of three raids in June, July and August of this year, several hundred counterfeit SATA spray guns, gun bodies and thousands of gun packages, operating manuals as well as counterfeit SAL labels (SATA Authentification Label) were seized. This included a laser marking device used to mark spray guns with the SATA logo. In addition, over 100 counterfeit copies of another spray gun manufacturer were found and confiscated with the consent of the manufacturer of the original spray guns. Chinese officials arrested three suspects.

SATA multi-purpose cups are also often counterfeited.

A counterfeit SATAjet 5000 B from China.

Numerous counterfeit versions of SATA paint spray guns, packaging and SAL labels.

Plagiarism worldwide

SATA is taking action against the infringement of trademark and other rights, not just in China but across the globe. In Russia we were able to successfully conclude multiple lawsuits against website operators infringing the SATA brand and have taken successful action against dealers that offered counterfeit SATA products on their websites.

In the US, we obtained a judgement against the operators of two websites on which a large number of counterfeit SATA products were advertised. The court found that the operators had intentionally infringed a total of ten SATA trademarks and eight SATA design patents and sentenced the defendants to pay damages to SATA in the amount of 10 million USD.

In order to prevent online sales of counterfeit SATA products, we have had more than 1,500 trademark-infringing online offers deleted in this year alone.

Facts and figures on plagiarism cases

*All information is from 2020 and without guarantee - errors and changes reserved.

over600confiscated SATA pistol copies
in over80countries intellectual property rights
approx.1,500deleted online offers for SATA copies

SATA will continue to do everything in its power to protect you, the customer, against counterfeit products. We recommend that you buy your SATA products exclusively from authorised SATA dealers. Please also make sure that the packaging is not damaged and that the authenticity label, the so-called SATA Authentification Label (SAL) with hologram, is not damaged. Scratch off one of the two covered SAL codes and verify it by entering it on our website www.sata.com/sal.

SATA Product Authentication

Do the SAL check and check your SATA product for originality.

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