A powerful new identity for a strong brand

SATA GmbH & Co. KG is a world leader in the car refinish industry and supplies distribution partners in about 100 countries.

In addition to technologically outstanding SATA spray guns, other products such as cup systems, breathing protection systems and compressed air technology make SATA a system provider for users in the area of automotive painting, design, manufacturing as well as the woodworking industry.

At SATA, we are continuously improving ourselves and our products, thus securing our position as the global technology leader in the car refinish sector. To also be successful in the future, all existing procedures in our company are continuously being put to test. This way, we can correct and optimise whatever necessary.

This is particularly important to us at SATA when it comes to our products – but beyond that, other aspects require permanent review and need to be evolved from time to time.

Therefore, we have redesigned the SATA logo:

In view of the ongoing digital development and thus the increased use of smartphones, smartwatches and other devices, we decided to reduce the complexity of the previous 3-D logo and optimise it with regard to the practical usability. This gives us more clarity in times of graphic overload.

The new SATA logo is clear and simple, reflecting a modern "flat design" known from icons that are minimalistic and easily understandable. All SATA marketing tools will now be adjusted step by step, implementing the new SATA logo and identity. Wherever possible, the logo should be used with the additional claim "German Engineering". This claim stands for German ingenuity and quality, as well as for our commitment to Germany as the location of our production.