20 years of SATA DIGITAL

In 2001, most mobile phone users were still using the Nokia 3310 – with no colour display, Internet access or camera. The Euro had been introduced as early as January 1, 1999, but remained limited to electronic bookings until January 1, 2002. Flat-screen TVs had been around for a few years, but they were neither affordable for the average consumer nor technically advanced enough to offer a real advantage over previous models.

An integrated, digital pressure measuring device in a spray gun had also been state of the art since SATA introduced it in 2001.

At the time, it was revolutionary – today it’s just the accepted standard.

Many couldn't imagine it, not least because a spray gun is in constant contact with solvents. Some held the opinion that this amounted to unnecessary "bells and whistles". Others wondered what the point of this kind accuracy was. What difference did it make whether the inlet pressure was set half a bar higher or lower?

At this point, however, we know that due to the variety of coating materials and the paint build-up in the case of multi-layer coating, even the slightest deviation in the process can have a major impact on the paint result. This means that precise pressure measurements are decisive for an optimal paint application.


What other benefits does the digital device offer users besides precise pressure adjustment?

Aside from the accuracy of the colour tone effect, reproducibility is an important aspect of the spray painting process.

Manual pressure measuring equipment is usually relatively inaccurate. This can be relevant for vehicle refinishers, since an inaccurate pressure setting can lead to differences in effects for certain colour tones at +/- 0.2 bar. Due to their sensitivity to sudden impacts, for example as a result of being dropped, these devices may still give inaccurate readings after just a short period of use and thus represent a potential source of error.

With digital pressure measurement right inside the spray gun, the required inlet flow pressure can be set precisely and thus allows for reliable reproducibility and greater process reliability during the painting process.


What can I do if I’ve already purchased a spray gun without this digital unit?

Spray gun operators who’ve purchased a SATA spray gun without an integrated pressure measuring unit can upgrade it with a digital pressure measuring unit, the SATA adam 2 ("additional digital air micrometer"), at any time.

The advantages of this retrofit solution are undeniable:

  • Users can equip multiple spray guns with a special mount, the so-called “SATA docking station”, and use the digital display wherever it may be needed.
  • If the spray gun is ever replaced, the SATA adam 2 unit also continue to be used and doesn’t need to be purchased again.
  • Older spray gun models (dating back to 1981) can also be retrofitted with the SATA adam 2 unit.
  • Spray guns with the SATA adam 2 docking station can be used without the display without any problems.
  • The display can be removed for cleaning at any time.

Users of spray guns from other manufacturers can upgrade them with the SATA adam 2 U (= universal). Like a conventional micrometer with a pressure gauge, the SATA adam 2 U is mounted on the spray gun connection, but it is equipped with a digital SATA adam 2 display.



For the processing of today's paint systems and especially for base coat application, digital pressure measuring devices play an important role for the reproducibility of colour tones and effects and ensure a smooth, trouble-free workflow.

In 2021, SATA is celebrating the 20th anniversary of this innovation, which may seem perfectly ordinary today!