SATA UK - New warehouse and TechFair

SATA UK - New warehouse and TechFair

This January, SATA UK Ltd. moved from the previous location to a much larger facility which fortunately is only just across the other side of the Industrial Estate.

The decision to relocate into a much larger facility was primarily driven by the need to review our product delivery to our dealers, which we felt would be adversely affected, once we had exited the European Union.

In former times, all orders placed by our dealers were processed and dispatched from the SATA GmbH facility in Kornwestheim in Germany. The delivery service we offered in the past was very reliable and with a very high level of product availability, since the product was being sourced from our manufacturing plant.

The key advantage we now have, since we began stocking and shipping our products from within the UK, is that any orders placed prior to midday are normally received by the dealer the very next day. In addition, those dealers geographically close enough can collect the orders the same day.

Our new facility has also allowed us to set up a conference room which is complimented by what we describe as our “TECH FAIR” area. The afore-mentioned area is fully equipped with our entire product range which ensures it is all visible to our visitors, while many of these products can be also seen in operation.

Each product group has its own display section, and we have built a working area where such things as the SATA air fed breathing equipment can be experienced along with the unique additional components, such as the SATA air warmer, SATA air cooler and the SATA air humidifier.

A work bench area is also situated within the “TECH FAIR” which allows us to conduct various training modules including spray gun repairs and service. Additionally, we have a spacious and fully equipped area for service and repair of SATA Products.

Since we have moved in and the COVID regulations have allowed us we have had a number of groups attend for a variety of different training sessions.

Our visitors have included Paint Company technical staff, Sales and Technical staff from dealers, Customer Service people from dealers who have a central help desk as well as end-users enjoying the chance to see and experience the full SATA product portfolio.