SATA customers in Italy

SATA customers in Italy

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Our greatest success is our customers’ satisfaction! – Statements by satisfied SATA customers in Italy:

Alessia Loseto Auto Service Laraspata Modugno, BA

Since 1970, we at Auto Service Laraspata have relied on SATA as a reliable partner whose products are always up to date with the latest state of technology. We use the complete SATA range and consistently achieve excellent results in both our priming and our finishing work.

Andrea Marchioro, Green Car repair shop in Carrè, Italy

With the SATAjet X 5500, I’ve finally achieved the level of quality I’ve been aiming for. I hadn’t been able to achieve for years when I was using spray guns of any other brand. The combination of the SATA spray gun with the RPS multi-purpose cups resulted in a improved work efficiency as well as a significant reduction of soiling during the painting work.

Marco Restivo Carrozzeria Auto in Prato, PO

The new SATAjet X 5500 guarantees quality results, and the choice between the new I and O nozzles allows for an optimal connection to any product, under any climatic conditions. I also use the RPS multi-purpose cups, which in my opinion are a perfect fit for the SATA gun, since no adapter is needed to connect it to the gun. Thanks to the quick coupling without a thread, the spray gun always stays perfectly clean.

Giuseppe Bianco, Struppa repair shop in Genoa, Italy

My adventures with SATA spray guns began in 1986. Since then, I’ve followed SATA product developments all the way up to the new SATAjet X 5500, and I became a loyal user of the current spray gun. It’s light-weight, handy, well-balanced and offers an excellent price-performance ratio.

Cristian Messina, Cris repair shop in Bassignana, Italy

My compliments to SATA for developing such an exceptional spray gun! The SATAjet X 5500, it’s a world of difference compared to the models I’d worked with before! With accessories like the SATA ADAM 2 digital pressure gauge and the RPS multi-purpose cups, SATA has achieved a truly outstanding level of quality.

Yuri Sigismondi, Auto Terzi in Grassobbio, Italy

I use the SATAjet X 5500 together with the RPS multi-purpose cups, which allows me to achieve optimum results when applying the base coat as well as the clear lacquer. With the RPS cups, I’ve been able to achieve considerable material savings, and with the three different sizes for the filling volumes of 0.3, 0.6 and 0.9 litres, I can adjust the product quantity according to the paint job at hand.

Marco Pescarolo, F.lli Civino A. & C. snc in Turin, Italy

I’ve always used SATA paint spray guns – all the way from the SATAjet 3000 to the new SATAjet X 5500. With this latest generation of its spray guns, SATA has raised the quality level even more. I’ve been able to achieve excellent material distribution with both the HVLP and the RP version.

SATAjet X 5500

The SATAjet X 5500 is the SATA paint spray gun for highest demands. With the X nozzle system, painters are able to cope with all paint systems and application recommendations.