Katrin Etringer is a restorer. A SATAminijet 4400 B is used in her workshop

Katrin Etringer is a restorer. A SATAminijet 4400 B is used in her workshop


The SATAminijet 4400 B plays an important role in the restoration of important works of art.

Katrin Etringer is a restorer. A SATAminijet 4400 B is used in her workshop

Car painters occasionally have to deal with classic cars that have been around for a few decades. Katrin Etringer thinks in other time frames. The objects she works on are often centuries old. Katrin Etringer is a qualified restorer. She conserves and restores paintings, sculptures and other works of art. With a great deal of sensitivity, comprehensive technical expertise – and with the help of a SATAminijet 4400 B.

Katrin Etringer's clients are museums, galleries, private collections, churches and public institutions. The range of tasks is wide: it's all about preserving works of art. Ensuring optimal storage and exhibition conditions. Accompanying transports. Preparing appraisals. And often to restore paintings and sculptures.

How does the expert proceed – in the case of a historical painting, for example?

As a first step, the restorer examines the painting and draws up a detailed plan of action. When it comes to the commission, Katrin Etringer can be sure that it will not resemble any previous one: different measures are required depending on the type and condition, support material, color and varnish.

First of all, pay attention to the support. If it is a canvas, deformations may need to be leveled. This can be done with the help of heated metal plates, for example. A heating spatula and interfering glue can be used to smooth out raised layers of paint. Older repairs may need to be removed and defects in the paint layer filled. If there are tears or punctures in the textile support, it is sometimes necessary to attach thread by thread in the fabric and re-sew the area.

It is often necessary to clean the surface of paintings or to remove an old layer of varnish. In traditional painting, a varnish coating was usually applied as the final layer. Over the centuries, this layer darkens and yellows, so that the fine nuances are lost in a grey haze, the colors lose their intensity and the artistic statement is clouded in the literal sense. Katrin Etringer carefully removes such aged varnish – with a cotton swab soaked in ethanol, millimeter by millimeter. New varnish gives the work back its depth of light and the colors shine in new – or rather old brilliance. It is this work step that brings about the most visible change and allows the viewer to look at the painting with different eyes. The restorer herself also enjoys this activity: "You can see the result of your work straight away and have an 'aha' effect. When varnishing, the restored painting regains its depth of light and the colors shine in their true brilliance," says Katrin Etringer.

Applying the new layer of varnish is the task of the SATAminijet 4400 B. "If retouching has been applied to the painting by us, it is advisable not to over-stress it with a brush. Under certain circumstances, the retouching would dissolve and roughen again, or in the worst case even remove it completely," Katrin Etringer points out. And this is where our expert tool comes into its own in the field of small repairs. Fine, even atomization, controlled material transfer and optimum handling. "With the SATAminijet, I can also work partially and, if necessary, apply more material to a few individual areas of the painting without creating edges and noses," emphasizes the restorer. Katrin Etringer also appreciates the easy maintenance and cleaning of her spray gun as well as its high level of reliability. And we are delighted that our SATAminijet 4400 B plays such an important role in the restoration of important works of art. We hope that in Katrin Etringer's hands it will help many more old masterpieces to achieve new brilliance.

Further information about Katrin Etringer and her work can be found at kunstkonservierung.de and on Instagram.

SATAminijet 4400 B

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