SATA RPS customers

SATA RPS customers

SATA RPS - our customers are very satisfied

SATA RPS (Rapid Preparation System) is the cup system for bodyshops that require perfect painting results and high efficiency. SATA RPS multi-purpose cups facilitate the work of refinishers, significantly increase their productivity and drastically reduce the consumption of cleaning agents and solvents.

Stuart Rollinson, Baker Body Craft, UK
User of the SATA RPS cup system

Interview with Stuart Rollinson

Why do you choose to use SATA RPS?

"The system makes it very easy to store any paint that has been left over from jobs. As well as this, I love the way you can manipulate the cups to allow me to spray hard to reach areas when painting. On top of this I love the way the dispensers provide a neat storage solution"

How long have you been using the SATA Loyalty app and what are you saving up for?

"I have been using the SATA Loyalty app for around 6 months and am currently saving up my coins so that I can create my own SATA Custom Design Gun for free!"

Would you recommend the SATA RPS system to other painters?

"Absolutely I would, it’s a great system and with the Loyalty program I can get free gifts just for using a product I would have been anyway! SATA is Smarter"

George Willis, GnG Bodyworks, UK
User of the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more

Interview with George Willis

What made you use RPS cups?

"After trying many other brands of cups we tried the SATA RPS cups and decided they are the best out there. None of the other brands are as easy or convenient to use, especially with these cups fitting directly to my SATA spray guns. They are very well made and don’t break if I accidently drop one. They are also flexible enough to bend when I am spraying awkward spots.”

What do you think of the SATA Loyalty Program?

"The SATA Loyalty program offer is amazing, I am able to get something for free whilst also buying products I need for work anyway. Not many companies give you the chance to get something for free especially in the body shop industry."

What are you currently saving your coins up for?

"My mind keeps changing on what I want to save my coins up for, there are so many options available to me. I would love to save up for the camera or maybe one of the SATA spray guns, you can never have enough SATA spray guns!"

SATA RPS cup system

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