SATA & Art-Team Work

SATA & Art-Team Work

SATA spray guns in practical use – at the Neckarmüller pub brewery in Tübingen

Airbrush artists Ute Worschischek and Ralf Schmied of Art-Team Work and their team design, embellish and restore a great variety of objects, ranging from the walls of indoor swimming pools, fitness studios and bowling alleys to the villas of celebrities, figures of amusement parks, electricity and distribution boxes, furniture or fairground carts. Their tools mainly consist of paints and varnishes, brushes and SATA spray guns.

Current project with SATA in Tübingen

Currently, Art-Team Work is working on a project in Tübingen, Germany. With tasteful designs around the subject of "beer", the team is beautifying the passage to the beer garden of the Neckarmüller pub brewery in Tübingen. We had an opportunity to look over the artists' shoulders as they skilfully painted wheat, hops and a brew kettle on the wall using airbrush technology and SATA spray guns.

It was interesting to see that their technique is completely different from, say, painting a car body. On the one hand, different paint materials are used for the embellishment of concrete, and many different hues are needed for the motifs. On the other hand, their spray-painting process is reminiscent of the work of TV painter Bob Ross when he needed a little more green in one spot or another: "A little bit of green over here and a happy little tree over there…". ;-)

Their airbrush technique is comparable to graffiti spraying, but spray guns can be used for the finer, more detailed and thus more artistic work. The two artists have been using SATA spray guns for their projects for years. They typically use a SATAminjet and a SATAjet 20 B.



Art-Team Work

Interview with Ute Worschischek and Ralf Schmied of Art-Team Work:

How do you get your commissions?

Some clients approach us because they’ve became aware of us in one way or another, but it still takes a lot of personal initiative and marketing to make us and our work better known and to generate commissioned work.

Looking at the Neckarmüller commission, it was actually a member of the owner's family who became aware of us when we designed the exterior façade of "Klett Schokolade".

What kind of painting materials do you use?

That varies, depending on the project. Especially in amusement parks, we have to use water-based paints and varnishes, since a lot of people, especially children, are likely to come into contact with the material.

In our current project, the substrate is concrete, so we have to use façade paints

What do you need to take into account when painting on concrete?

Some preliminary work in the form of a primer coat has to be carried out first. As a trained painter and varnisher, Ralf handles this part.

What do you like best about your work?

Each project is unique and has something special about it. It results in quite a varied workload. What’s especially pleasant is being able to develop freely and creatively.

Is there anything you dislike about your work?

If the client's specifications are very rigid and we can't make much of a creative contribution, that can be a little less pleasing, but that’s extremely rare.

Why do you paint or design such unusual things? Where do you get your inspiration?

That’s not an easy question to answer. We look around, we spot something, and then we start to think: “Now here’s an object that we could make more attractive or interesting...” For example, the transformer cabinets in Münsingen that we decorated with various motifs.

What is it you appreciate most about SATA spray guns?

We’ve been using SATA spray guns for decades. We appreciate their quality and reliability and that they are robust, stable and thus quite durable.

About Art-Team Work:

Ute Worschischek – Atelier an der Echaz
Ute Worschischek has been working as an independent artist in her studio by the river Echaz for 22 years. She grew up in a family of artists and was able to expand and refine her talent at an independent art school. It was here that she discovered her love of airbrushing, which finally led her to become self-employed in this field. She creates wall and object paintings, illustrations and portraits as well as custom paintings on vehicle parts or entire vehicles. She has also conducted seminars on her passion for airbrushing at adult education centres and other institutions.

Ralf Schmied – RS Design Airbrush & Illusion Painting
Ralf Schmied has been working as an airbrush artist and illusion painter for 28 years. Mobile objects are being worked on in the studio in Pfullingen. Ralf Schmied's team is often on the road to carry out orders on clients’ premises. Potential customers can get a first impression of the abilities of Ralf Schmied and his team in the showroom in Pfullingen. Making walls look like marble slabs or wooden panels, decorating them with portraits or visually enlarging rooms with painted landscapes... there are no limits to what they can achieve.

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