New Managing Director for SATA Canada

New Managing Director for SATA Canada


SATA Canada has a new Managing Director. George Varagic has been on board since November 1.

George Varagic

The experienced manager and sales specialist, a graduate of the University of Phoenix and McGill University, has in-depth knowledge of the industry and the Canadian market. His previous positions include Mirka Canada, Eaton Corporation and Hilti, where he held senior executive and management positions.

Even at that time, SATA was already a known quantity for George Varagic: "For me, the brand has always been synonymous with precision, quality and cutting-edge technology. SATA is known for its outstanding products, excellent manufacturing and first-class solutions for painting professionals in various industries." In addition, it was above all the combination of tradition and a strong culture of innovation that convinced the sales professional to use his expertise for SATA in the future.

Here's to a successful future!