SATA QMR - Quick Material Regulator

SATA QMR - Quick Material Regulator


SATA QMR performs well whenever less material may be required.

SATA QMR - Quick Material Regulator

Where application processes require frequently recurring adjustments between reduced and fully open material flow rates, the SATA QMR is the solution to save time and money.

This material flow regulation device allows to preset the required reduced material flow rate which can then be activated quickly, precisely and in reproducible fashion at the push of a button.

The "release function" allows the painter to conveniently switch back to the fully open position within seconds.

Now available for further SATA paint spray guns.

The SATA QMR is maintenance-free, easy to operate and can be retrofitted for the following paint spray guns:

  • SATA QMR for SATAjet 5000 series (1 pcs.) - Art. No. 1186213
  • SATA QMR for SATAjet 5000 series (2 pcs.) - Art. No. 1162817
  • SATA QMR for SATAjet 100, 1000 and jet 1500 (1 pc.) - Art. No. 1185596


  • The position of the material quantity regulation and consequently the material flow rate can be adjusted at the push of a button
  • Helps the user set the required material flow rate quickly and in reproducible fashion
  • Retrofitting, maintenance-free and easy to operate
  • Suitable for application processes which require specific, reduced material flow rates on a regular basis
  • Release function: Simply by pulling, the material flow regulation is being fully released again


Spray passes with reduced material quantity? - Simply switch over.

The SATA QMR and its application possibilities

Spraying with less material is increasingly in demand. Experienced professionals regulate this by not pulling the trigger guard all the way to the hilt. Another possibility is to screw in the material quantity screw a little, as specified by the varnish manufacturer in each case. SATA offers another practical and, above all, precise solution especially with regard to work processes where a reduced amount of material is required on a repeated basis.

The SATA Quick Material Regulator makes it possible to preset a reduced material discharge quantity that can be called up in a quick, precise and reproducible fashion at the push of a button. The varnisher can switch back to full material flow within seconds using the release function. The QMR is easily and cost-effectively retrofitted to the SATA spray guns listed above.

One potential application is the metallic basecoat effect. Depending on the manufacturer's specifications, it may be necessary to apply a reduced amount of material. The QMR not only makes it possible to quickly choose the lower amount of material; it is also consistent throughout.
Another area of application is using a coloured clearcoat over the basecoat to achieve a specially brilliant depth effect. In this case, the processing specifications of the paint manufacturer are also decisive.

A smaller amount of material can also be useful when painting difficult-to-access and angled components in order to avoid applying too much paint.

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