SATA Nozzle Finder

SATA Nozzle Finder

Optimize your painting experience with the new SATA nozzle finder!

The nozzle finder is the professional app for a quick, easy and well-founded selection of the suitable nozzle for your SATAjet X 5500. The large variety of associated, very precisely calibrated X nozzles allows you to adapt the painting experience exactly to your wishes and your circumstances. The nozzle finder helps you to make the optimum selection of your individual nozzle.

What does the SATA nozzle finder app offer?

Based on simple questions, the clearly designed assistant guides you intelligently and quickly to the X-nozzle best suited to your requirements. Based on your paint spray gun, the paint material used or the desired coating thickness, you will receive a suitable nozzle recommendation after just a few clicks, which you can then adapt to your personal preferences and circumstances. In doing so, you can individually set your requirements for painting speed and control as well as the temperature and humidity prevailing in the paint booth.

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Download the SATA nozzle finder app on your smartphone today and find the optimum nozzle for your SATAjet X 5500.

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