SATA's little helper

SATA's little helper

The paint air hose

Item no. 50641, 50591, 189068, 9902, 37655, 53090, 13870, 195420, 50252

In addition to the spray gun and the filter, there is another factor in the booth that can be decisive for the quality of the result: the paint air hose. It is high time we give it the credit it deserves.
When it comes to the hose, the same strict quality standards should be applied as to the other components. “A paint air hose is the flexible arm of the compressed air system and is essential for optimal vehicle painting,” says Mazin Mashalla, Head of Application Technology at SATA.
Choosing the right diameter is crucial. Practical tests have shown how great the pressure loss is due to an unsuitable paint air hose alone.

The SATA air tester

Item no. 156299

This practical little helper makes it easy for you to detect impurities in the compressed air. This is how it is used: When removing it from the packaging, avoid touching the coated surface if possible. Then clean the air tester with a microfiber cloth and, if necessary, with a cleaner (silicone remover, aqueous cleaner). No residue should be visible on the test surface. For the test, use a blow gun or nozzle and hold it about 5 mm away from the cleaned surface. Air is then blown onto the test surface at approx. 2 bar for 30 seconds.

SATA care set – All cleaning utensils in one place

Item no. 162628

The optimum set of all utensils needed for the cleaning and maintenance of SATA spray guns. The scope of delivery includes various brushes for cleaning the spray gun body, the air and paint nozzle and all material-bearing areas of the spray gun. The fine holes on the front of the air nozzle can be cleaned using the special needles (also included). The silicone-free SATA high-performance lubricant in a 100 ml tube serves to protect springs and various adjustment elements and to keep them operable on a continuous basis.

The bag, made of durable polyester, also has room for the tools included in the scope of delivery of SATA spray guns (such as universal and Allen keys) and the extraction tool for the air distribution ring. A tool set and the SATA air tester can also be stored inside.

SATA adam 2 – The compact, digital retrofit solution for SATA spray guns

Item no. 211540

The SATA adam 2 is a digital pressure measuring device for SATA paint spray guns, consisting of two components: the SATA adam 2 dock, which replaces the gun's air micrometer, and the SATA adam display, containing high-precision measurement electronics. Due to its two-part design, the display can be used flexibly on multiple SATA spray guns and turn a standard spray gun into a "digital" spray gun. The digital air micrometer enables optimum colour accuracy by precisely setting and displaying the air inlet pressure.

SATA® dry jet 2™ – dry blow spray gun

Item no. 217489

With the SATA dry jet 2, drying water-based paints quickly and effectively is a cinch – which allows you to significantly reduce airing times, and that in turn reduces the time that cabins need to be occupied. It uses the so-called Venturi principle in which it’s not just compressed air that’s drawn in, but also a multiple of that in ambient air. The uniform, wide air flow generated in the wide jet nozzle's injector zone also contributes to a reduction in drying time. Compared to commercially available models, the SATA dry jet 2 achieves about 15% higher drying performance.

SATA spray gun stand with sieve holder

Item no. 134882

The SATA spray gun stand with an integrated sieve holder is designed to be mounted on workbenches to facilitate the use of spray guns with reusable cups. The attached mechanism holds a funnel sieve in place, and the practical sieve holder offers a practical way to fill and refill on the mixing table simply, safely and conveniently and, most importantly, make for a clean operating process without any spillage. The spray gun stand offers a safe foundation during the filling process and significantly improves ease of use during preparation.

We also offer an insert for small spray guns such as the SATAminijet 4400 B. These are available as an additional option and can be easily placed on the provided slot.

SATA®PHR™ – compressed air hand agitator

Item no. 16477
The SATA®PHR™ is used to agitate paints and varnishes as well as other viscous or liquid media and simplifies the stirring of thinner, hardener and water. The agitator prevents paint components from settling and floating to the top, which significantly facilitates the handling of paints and lacquers.
With the included stand, one can easily stir paint in cans of up to 5 kg. When it is used as a hand-held unit, it can also be used for materials in larger containers.


SATA dosenboy – can opening made easy!

Item no. 59675
With SATA’s dosenboy, you can easily open cans and jugs up to a height of 36 cm and a maximum seaming height of 15 mm. This cutting device cuts out the lids or bottoms of cans and jugs burr-free. Once the lid is removed, the container can be emptied completely. Using the hand screw, you can mount the dosenboy to a table or mixing machine or fix it firmly in place with the base plate.

SATA turbo blow – small, but wow!

Art. No. 133306
The SATA turbo blow is an adjustable blow nozzle which allows you to dry various surfaces comfortably, easily and quickly. It can be easily connected to the air hose with the quick coupling nipple and comes with a rubber bumper. The air flow is infinitely adjustable by simply turning the front part of the nozzle.

SATA shoulder strap for SATA mini set 2

Art. No. 5868
The shoulder strap for the SATA mini set 2 is placed over the shoulder and holds the SATA mini set 2 with a loop holder, thus increasing the wearer comfort. Thanks to this special shoulder strap, the weight no longer rests on the belt, but is distributed onto the shoulders. In addition, the paint pressure tanks are stabilised and the painter can move more freely.

SATA suspender belt for respirator systems

Art. No. 15412
For supplied-air respirator systems like SATA air vision 5000 / SATA vision 2000 and SATA air star C. The SATA suspender belt is an extension of the standard belt unit for increased wearer comfort and better handling.

Further information on the SATA suspender belt

The suspender belts are fixed to the standard belt and placed over the shoulders, thus perfectly distributing the weight of the belt with its components. It is comfortable to wear and nothing can slip out of place anymore.

Especially in connection with other accessories – such as the SATA air humidifier, the SATA top air, the SATA air wamer or the SATA air cooler – a safe and comfortable fit is ensured. Furthermore, the length of the shoulder strap can be comfortably adjusted on both sides.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Increased wearer comfort
  • Safe and comfortable fit, especially in connection with accessories,
    such as breathing air humidifier and warmer
  • Sturdy, long-lasting design
  • Low weight
  • Central locking