Canada: Lexxie Wota

She was born with a love of painting. Lexxie Wota is an apprentice at her father's business in Nanaimo, Canada.


USA: Charles Crews

Charles Crews recommends this to anyone who wants to gain a foothold in the industry. It pays off if you try to improve, push yourself and fight your way through, he says.

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SATA Vintage Hoodie

If comfort and a feel-good factor are at the top of your list, a trendy vintage-look hoodie from SATA is the perfect choice. Because not only does it look ultra-casual, it also feels great.

SATA Zippo "PHASER" petrol lighter

A real cult object! This Zippo lighter specially designed for SATA with a brushed chrome surface is adorned with a 3D paint gun emblem. This not only makes it look particularly classy, but is also an exquisite accessory that every painter simply must have.

SATA jumbo mug

The red mug with the SATA logo offers enough volume to enjoy an extra-large cup of coffee or tea - fewer refills, fewer coffee cups on the table!
The giant porcelain cup from SATA has a capacity of approx. 400 ml.