SATA Loyalty Promotions

SATA Loyalty Promotions

Primarily, participants of the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more, collect SATA coins by scanning QR codes on SATA RPS multi-purpose cup boxes. But there are always chances to win additional SATA coins or other benefits during certain promotional periods.

Here you can find out which collection options and special promotions will be offered in the new SATA Loyalty App from 07-01-2021:

The current promotions and advantages

SATA filter 500 Special

Receive up to 1,500 SATA coins for the purchase of a new SATA filter 500 series during the special offer period from July 15 to December 31, 2021.

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New registrations

Between 07-01-2021 and 09-30-2021, customers who newly register in the SATA Loyalty App will receive 30 SATA coins as a welcome gift.

SATA Newsletter

For subscribing to the SATA Newsletter upon new registration or under Account/Permissions you will receive exclusive 10 SATA coins*.

SATA Loyalty News

You will receive all current information on the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more as an e-mail or push notification. New subscribers will receive a small thank you in the form of 10 SATA coins*.

Push Notifications

Latest news of the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more directly on your mobile phone without having to start the SATA Loyalty App! Get the push notifications already at the first login or via the settings of your end device and get 10 SATA coins* extra.

Birthday gift

For your birthday, as a participant of the SATA Loyalty Programme coins & more, you will receive a gift from SATA every year: 20 SATA coins directly to your SATA coin Account!


We would like to get to know you even better so that we can tailor our products and services to you. Therefore, we will ask you from 01.07.2021 in the SATA Loyalty App under Services/Surveys "How do you work in your company"? You will be rewarded with 50 SATA coins for your participation. Closing date is 09-30-2021.

*Please note that you can only receive SATA coins once per subscription to the SATA Newsletter, the SATA Loyalty News and the Push Notifications during your membership in the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more.

Further information

The new SATA Loyalty App

From 01.07.2021, the new SATA Loyalty App will be available to you. With it, you can continue to use all previous functions and benefit from many new features and advantages. Find out everything about the new app here.

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About the programme

Find out how the SATA Loyalty Programme coins & more works, who can participate and what benefits the programme offers to loyal SATA customers.

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You have questions?

We have the answers to all your questions about switching apps, the new SATA Loyalty App, scanning QR codes or ordering rewards. No matter what it is, you will find the solution to your problem here.

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