Scan & collect

Scan & collect

How to scan the Loyalty QR code

Nozzle sets and spare parts

Open the SATA product and remove the enclosure. Now open the adhesive label of the enclosure and unfold it. The scannable Loyalty QR code is located on the inside, right side.

SATA RPS multi-purpose cups

On the outside of each RPS multipurpose cup carton is a shrink-wrapped booklet. Open this to reveal the correct Loyalty QR code.
Please note: there may be a booklet on the outside of the pallet. The QR code inside is invalid.
In addition, there is also a QR code on the front of the booklet, this is not part of the SATA Loyalty Program coins & more and cannot be scanned.

Scan with the SATA Loyalty APP

Now start the scan function in the app (via the scan symbol in the table bar at the bottom), confirm that you are authorised to scan and hold the camera over the loyalty QR code. The app automatically recognizes the QR code and your SATA coins will be credited to your account in the SATA Loyalty App.

Here you will find Loyalty QR codes that you can scan to collect SATA coins

There is one SATA coin per SATA RPS multi-purpose cup. A pack of 40 cups gives 40 SATA coins, a pack of 60 cups gives 60 SATA coins, a pack of 100 gives 100 SATA coins. Please note that there are also loyalty QR codes on the boxes of the replacement lids for SATA RPS multi-purpose cups, which you can use to collect SATA coins. Loyalty QR codes can also be found in the boxes of most of the SATA nozzle sets and many spare parts.

Find out here which selected SATA products have the Loyalty QR Code:


Collect more SATA coins

Receive first SATA coins for your registration during certain promotional periods. Receive SATA coins for your birthday. Take part in surveys and contribute to SATA's ability to offer you even better products and an optimum service. In certain promotion periods, we reward you with SATA coins for your participation or you take part in a competition as a participant. Receive additional SATA coins within special promotion periods for subscribing to the SATA Newsletter, the SATA Loyalty News or the Push Notifications.



Do you have questions?

Do you have questions?

We have the answers to all your questions about the SATA Loyalty App, scanning QR codes or ordering rewards. No matter what it is, you will find the solution to your problem here.

Do you have questions?

If you do not wish yourself or any of your employees to participate, your company can waive registration and make a general deregistration via SATA, which will exclude all employees of the company from participation.

This can be done here