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DIGITALAll SATA high-performance spray guns which feature a digital pressure display integrated in the gun handle are classified by the term “DIGITAL”. What is pressure Indication required for? To ensure best possible colour matching, you should follow exactly the parameters recommended by the respective paint manufacturer. Among others, this includes the air inlet pressure on the spray gun. The more you deviate from the recommended pressure the more the actually achieved colour tone will deviate as well. Why should I use DIGITAL spray guns? DIGITAL paint spray guns from SATA measure the air inlet pressure on the spray gun electronically and thus accurately and also indicate it on the digital, easy-to-read display. With DIGITAL spray guns, you can be sure to reproduce precisely the required colour tone and thus avoid costly re-work. DIGITAL guns are particularly easy to handle, since they are 20% shorter and 20% lighter than the equivalent SATA spray guns with add-on manometer and micrometer. With DIGITAL spray guns, there is also no cumbersome disassembly of the manometer and the micrometer prior to cleaning of the spray gun in a gun washer machine.  Do the electronic components resist the rigors of daily use? If a few basic principles are followed, SATA DIGITAL guns are completely solvent-proof.  As a matter of fact, DIGTIAL guns are also shock-proof and explosion-proof.X» pressure display



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