SATA® one for all

Fine dust filter mask with exhalation valve

Filter stage FFP2/V offering high protection from particles and droplet aerosols as well as from particles of carcinogenic substances and microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and their spores) up to 10 times the maximum workplaces concentration ("MAKMAK stands for maximum workplace concentration.This parameter represents the particle concentration at the workplace. The higher the concentration the higher are the requirements for an effective breathing protection.P2-filters are permitted up to a MAK factor of 10. P3-filters are allowed up to a MAK factor of 30.Air-supplied breathing equipment like, for example, the SATA vision 2000 are approved for workplace concentrations of up to 100.X»" or "TRK" values).

Fields of application:

  • Polishing of painted surfaces
  • Polishing of metal, wood or plastic pieces
  • Welding
  • Filling or working with dust-creating substances such as cement, plaster, flour, sugar, etc.

Optimum wearer comfort due to built-in exhalation valve, and low weight even during extended use.
Optimum fit on all facial shapes due to double ribbons and elastic mask body.