Practice Tip - Optimum Gun Maintenance

Every spray gun and every nozzle set is subject to wear over a certain period of time. Besides clogged and damaged nozzle set components, this could lead to deteriorations in the spray pattern. This is very often recognised too late - the consequences are unnecessary problems with the spray gun itself, an increasing number of coating flaws and expensive rework.

We have lately been confronted with claimed nozzle sets and malfunctioning spray guns. Our in-house analyses have shown that the fluid tips (the "fluid tip apertures") are considerably damaged (see above picture). Such damage occurs when spray guns - with their air caps removed - are placed on tables, inside washing sinks etc. allowing the fluid tip to knock hard against the surface. To prevent such damage, the spray gun must be handled with care while being laid down. The same also applies for air caps with their horns.

Please download our comprehensive SATA guide "Spray gun cleaning and maintenance" at or order your free of charge printed copy (art. no. 158162) from us already today.

At, you will additionally find an informative video clip on "Manual gun cleaning"