Practice Tip - Fluttering Spray Fan

Have you ever experienced this? A fluttering spray fan? Or bubbles in the cup while painting? If so, you have to check two possible issues on your spray gun:

1. Has the fluid tip been tightened suffciently? It should be tightened with a torque of 14 Nm or - for the hands-on guys - hand tight. Using a ring spanner to tighten the fluid tip avoids slip-off damages. Furthermore, in case when the paint needle and the material flow control are already mounted inside the gun, then please ensure that the trigger is being completely pulled to prevent the paint needle from resting against the fluid tip (ill. 1).

2. Is the air distribution ring damaged or clogged?
If this is the case, it should be exchanged. Please observe: The ring will be damaged after disassembly and cannot be reused. Please use the removal tool which is part of the scope of supply - that is the easiest way (ill. 2).

Please make sure that the marked surfaces [X] are clean and undamaged (ill. 3) and that the "pin" of the air distribution ring snaps into the corresponding drilling (ill. 4). With the SATAjet 4000, this drilling is located at the "3 o'clock" position (please observe the respective operating instructions of each gun as the location of the drilling varies from model to model).