Practice Tip – Air Lines and Dust

Mazin Mashalla, SATA Product Manager

SATA® breathing air hoses

Crater of SiliconePlastics based on a silicon-oxygen structure.Silicone and silicon-based substances have various fields of application in technology and chemistry. Besides industrial use, the sector of construction coatings appreciates aquaeous dispersions of silicone resins (silicone emulsions)for the application of water repellent finishing on walls.Silicone-based substances change the surface tension. Even very small silicone particles can cause considerable coating flaws (silicone craters). Therefore, silicone-based substances (e.g. gloves, oil etc.) must never be used in coating areas.X»

Dust inclusions


Who is not familiar with such a situation? Air lines that are left on the spray booth floor. ”Does that really matter?“, is what many painters might think without realising that this may well contribute to a ruined paint job.

It is not about the stability of the air line though, but rather the finish result. Air lines left on the floor collect dust and dirt which will inevitably end up on the painted surface, irrespective as to whether the object to be painted was cleaned with a tag cloth prior to paint application or not.

Our practice tip:

  • Air lines should always be cleaned with a cloth soaked with an appropriate cleaning agent and afterwards stored neatly coiled up on a hose reel at the end of each shift or working day.

  • Additionally, we also recommend ensuring that the spray gun itself as well as the spray gun hose and breathing hose are dust free by wiping with a tag cloth prior to commencing the paint job.

  • Even the most kink-free air hose loses part of its elasticity over time. With this in mind, it is recommended to replace the air hoses used inside the spray booth after approximately one year. This will help avoid particles and other contaminations caused by wear inside the air hose being transported through the air passages of the spray gun and ending up on the surface of the paint job. The used air hoses can be subsequently used in the panelbeating section or in a mechanic repair shop with their much lower requirements regarding technically clean air.