SATAjet 4800 K spray mix

SATA modernise their product range for high-pressure applications with the new SATAjet 4800 K spray mix gun.

SATA modernise their product range for high-pressure applications with the new SATAjet 4800 K spray mix gun. Benefitting from the proven nozzle technology of the SATAjet 3000 K spray mix, the SATAjet 4800 K spray mix is designed to meet the challenging conditions usually encountered in the area of high-pressure coating application. Whenever a high finishing quality level needs to be combined with high profitability and maximum flow capacity, this new spray gun is the preferred choice.

The new SATAjet 4800 K spray mix masters all the different requirements found across the wide range of application processes in craft and industry. Based on a large spectrum of reliable high-performance nozzle systems, the SATAjet 4800 K spray mix offers great versatility and functionality for all kinds of paint jobs in the wood coating, for large industrial surface applications, for preservation and primer coatings in the automotive field as well as for the use in other industrial sectors, such as machine, ship and container building.

Due to the flexibility in setting its spraying parameters via the control elements of air micrometer, material flow regulation and round/flat fan control which this Air-assisted Spray Mix gun features, the SATAjet 4800 K spray mix combines the high productivity of an Airlessavec un procédé d'application airless, le produit est pulvérisé sans air. Seule la pression du produit permet à la pulvérisation de se produire dans une buse de très petite dimension.  Une pulvérisation plus grossière permet d'obtenir un taux de recouvrement très élevé, de ce fait, la structure de surface est également plus grossière qu'avec la technique d'application par pulvérisation d'air.X» spray gun with the low overspray and high coating finish quality of an air-atomising spray gun in an ideal way.

In addition to a well-balanced centre of gravity, the ball bearing construction of the swivel joint on the material side, a low trigger pull force and a short trigger pull are all features ensuring work without fatigue while the spray gun is connected to a pair of high-pressure hoses. Importantly, a compact material connection made of stainless steel with integrated material sieve, an exchangeable nozzle head, and not to forget, the ease of cleaning are also contributing factors to a convincing gun concept designed for long durability in the harsh environment of industrial coating applications.

Notice: Available from January 2017.