Documents relating to discontinued models can be found at the end of this survey.

General content

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SATA Product Catalogue 2017 Sparepartlist_­2017_­EN.pdf 39,6 MB

Spray guns

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Sparepartlist ­2017 ­Spray ­Guns.pdf Sparepartlist_­2017_­EN_­Spray_­Guns.pdf 15,4 MB

Cup systems

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Sparepartlist ­2017 ­Cup Systems Sparepartlist_­2017_­EN_­Cup_­Systems.pdf 3,4 MB

Breathing protection

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Sparepartlist­ 2017 Breathing Protection Sparepartlist_­2017_­EN_­Breathing_­Protection.pdf 7,7 MB

Filter technology

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Sparepartlist ­2017 ­Filter Technology Sparepartlist_­2017_­EN_­Filter_­Technology.pdf 2,5 MB


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Sparepartlist­ 2017 Accessories Sparepartlist_­2017_­EN_­Accessories.pdf 5,8 MB

Discontinued models 

SATA products are very long-lasting. Therefore, spare parts of discontinued models are normally available at least 7 years upon discontinuation of the model. After that, we cannot guarantee the availability of spare parts of discontinued models.

Spare parts list