Registration for the SATA® Premium Warranty


SATA® Premium Warranty

We grant an extended warranty on SATA spray guns, filters and supplied air respirators (1 year + 2 years = 3 years). Just return the entirely completed Premium Warranty Application within 30 days upon the date of purchase. Or register for the Premium Warranty on our website.


SATA guarantees that the supplied equipment has no material and production defects. The Premium Warranty is valid under the supposition that the equipment is properly operated according to the SATA operating instructions.

The Premium Warranty covers the expenses for repair and free of charge exchange of components which are defective due to material or production faults; further claims are excluded as far as there is no legally compulsory liability.

The Premium Warranty does not cover wear-and-tear components (e.g. nozzle sets, filters, packings, diaphragms, springs), normal wear, electronic components and overstressing. Granting warranty repairs does neither extend the warranty period, nor does it initiate a new warranty period. Claims are only accepted if the equipment is sent carriage paid, assembled and in its original state, to the supplier or the SATA Importer, along with CopiesPotential risks and disadvantages when using SATA copies and look-alikes Original SATA products - simply the best!Copies and SATA look-alikes do never match original SATA products in respect to quality and technology. Only SATA products have been produced at our high-precision manufacturing site in Kornwestheim and have passed our strict quality inspections: Made in Germany. Our products are available through a worldwide dealer network ensuring prompt and timely delivery, backed up by comprehensive warranty and service.These are the potential risks for end-users buying a SATA copy:Poor results, i.e. the required finish quality cannot be guaranteed and might be difficult to accomplish. Insufficient atomization or a spray fan which is not appropriate for the paint material being applied lead to runs, coating flaws and cloudiness. This might cause you to redo a paint job which could easily cost many times more (additional labour cost for sanding and painting, additional paint) than the difference between the purchasing price of a SATA spray gun and a copy gun which often initially seems to be a good bargain   Safety risk – e.g. due to falling-off parts, risk of injury from sharp edges, leakages in the air or material passages, risk of explosion Short product lifetime  Poor atomization – e.g. cloudiness and mottling, orange peel, non-uniform material distribution, insufficient orientation of metal flakes Colour deviationsInsufficient supply of spare partsIncreased wear and maintenance – risk of failureIncurring repair costHigh paint and air consumption – increased costCorrosion of material passage or accessory parts Time-consuming effort to clean gun surface and control elements Slow work speed Substances causing coating flaws – rework, contamination of the spray booth Liability and indemnification risks due to possible infringement on intellectual property rightsX» of the premium warranty registration or email confirmation and proof of purchase.

Register online

Every entirely completed online registration for the SATA Premium Warranty will participate in the quarterly sweepstake of an attractive prize, for example an Apple iPad mini.

The participation in the sweepstake is only possible upon entering the entire data (mandatory field), the correct E-Mail address as well as the correct SAL codes in the registration form for the SATA Premium warranty (within 30 days upon date of purchase).

The winners will receive an E-Mail notification and will be published on the SATA website! Any recourse to courts of law is excluded. Errors and modifications excepted.