16.08.13 "Showing your true colours!"

What prospects do young adults have who haven't been blessed with opportunities in life and who depend on unemploymentcheques to survive? Usually none! They of ten come from a broken family and a difficult social background. A...[more]

27.03.13 To achieve perfect finishes – proper nozzle care

Modern spray guns are high precision tools. If they are properly maintained, SATA spray guns achieve outstanding finishes over the years. The nozzle set requires special care. Even small damages like scratches or paint residues...[more]

27.03.13 Exceptional applications

Even after a long, fulfilled professional life, Mr. Heinrich Paulus-Füller, Painter and plasterer master and conservator, cannot forget his passion to create artwork of a special kind. His favourite tools: SATA spray guns. They...[more]

27.03.13 Plagiarism damages both business and reputation!

Counterfeits of high quality German products cause billions of Euros of financial damage to German manufacturers every year. A survey done by the German VDMA Association of Mechanical and Plant Engineering VDMA (Verband Deutscher...[more]

27.03.13 "Morph" created by future wood engineers and designers

"Morph" is a desk solution which can be flexibly configured to fit any type of room. One of the two desk elements can be rotated by almost 180° in both directions and the container 360°. Hinges placed on both sides allow the...[more]

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