16.08.13 The SATAjet 1000 B LIGNUM reaches out to carpenters and woodfinishers

"Finally, there is a spray gun available which directly reaches out to carpenters and woodfinishing people!" This is the reaction of Gabriela Lippok-Zöllner, branch manager of Prosol Darmstadt, Germany and Marco Nowak, sales...[more]

16.08.13 NEW: SATA adamAll spray guns carrying this logo can be retrofitted with a SATA adam to upgrade them with a DIGITAL gauge. This encompasses all guns featuring an integrated standard air micrometer: SATAjet 3000 B and KSATAjet 2000 HVLPSATAjet RPSATAjet 1000 B, H and KSATA LM 2000 B, H and KSATAjet 100 BSATA KLCSATAjet B and GRSATAminijet 3 and 4 (only with SATA adam mini)X» 2 U

The accurate and correct setting of the gun Inlet PressureThe inlet pressure on the spray gun should always be correctly adjusted. This is particularly easy with the DIGITAL technology of the SATAjet 5000 DIGITAL or with the retrofit SATA adam 2. It is also possible, however, to connect a standard air micrometer with manometer to the gun. Since pressure in combination with the supply of compressed air (air consumption) has a great influence on optimum results, you should always ensure to set the inlet pressure as recommended. You will find information on the correct pressure to be used in the paint application sheet of the paint manufacturers or on the web pages reserved for each individual SATA spray gun.X» is one of the key requirements to ensure perfect colour match during the painting process. Whether the pressure is set too low or too high, colour deviations will be the...[more]

16.08.13 "Showing your true colours!"

What prospects do young adults have who haven't been blessed with opportunities in life and who depend on unemploymentcheques to survive? Usually none! They of ten come from a broken family and a difficult social background. A...[more]

27.03.13 To achieve perfect finishes – proper nozzle care

Modern spray guns are high precision tools. If they are properly maintained, SATA spray guns achieve outstanding finishes over the years. The nozzle set requires special care. Even small damages like scratches or paint residues...[more]

27.03.13 Exceptional applications

Even after a long, fulfilled professional life, Mr. Heinrich Paulus-Füller, Painter and plasterer master and conservator, cannot forget his passion to create artwork of a special kind. His favourite tools: SATA spray guns. They...[more]

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