01.12.11 Practice Tip - Fluttering Spray Fan

Have you ever experienced this? A fluttering spray fan? Or bubbles in the cup while painting? If so, you have to check two possible issues on your spray gun:[more]

15.11.11 Practice Tip - Optimum Gun Maintenance

Every spray gun and every nozzle set is subject to wear over a certain period of time. Besides clogged and damaged nozzle set components, this could lead to deteriorations in the spray pattern. This is very often recognised too...[more]

15.11.11 Importer of the Year 2011

This year, the award "Importer of the Year" goes to the company JSW PT Jeeswe Mitraniaga in Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2005, JSW has been the exclusive importer of SATA products in Indonesia. The outstanding support which the 40...[more]

14.11.11 SATAjet 4000 B - In Global Use

In our last SATA Newsletter, we published testimonials of several painters in Germany on their SATAjet 4000 B. Following, we have included further testimonials of end-users from all over the world. Our international customers are...[more]

14.11.11 Customer Satisfaction Survey

Germany and Austria | 2011[more]

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