21.08.12 SATA Design Contest - The winners have been decided

In February, SATA announced the SATA Design Contest focused on painters and designers across the whole world: Who designs the most appealing surface design for a SATA spray gun?[more]

03.05.12 SATA Design Contest - Top 10 Voting

Thank you very much! We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all participants in the design contest for their amazing drafts.[more]

13.03.12 GearZ Moves to Prime Time!

As the excitement grows about new episodes of GearZ, we have one more bit of GREAT news to share with you. The first 5 episodes of season 6 will now air on Monday nights at 9:00pm EST![more]

28.02.12 "Cleanliness pays" - Useful tips concerning spray gun cleaning

A subject which is of special importance to painters: The secrets of correct spray gun cleaning methods. They require regular maintenance and care to ensure correct operation, as with any piece of precision equipment.[more]

28.02.12 The professional system for primer application

The basis for high-quality paint jobs is the primer. If the primer is not applied exactly to the manufacturers instructions with the correct spray gun it may lead to visible structures or colour shade deviations of the paint job...[more]

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